Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another way to get Swagbucks-Special Offers and Tasks

Swagbucks can also be earned by completing Special Offers. There are lots of choices for Special Offers. Often there are short videos you can watch on the Home Pages special offers. There is a moving bar near the bottom of the page-that is where you will find the videos. They are normally worth 2-3 Swagbucks each. You may have to wade through the other offers to find them, but they are short, easy and rewarding so it's worth it.

Other special offers are on the Special Offer walls. To get there simply click on "Special Offers" on the main Swagbucks pages link under "ways to earn". You will find four walls of Special Offers. I personally prefer Wall 2/Offerpal. go through the offers if you like and if you see something you would like to complete, do it! I do not suggest doing any downloads. Some game and coupon bar downloads have been known to have malware or adware so it's just a good idea to avoid them. There are lots of other offers such as surveys, or free trial offers that you can do.

On walls 1 and 3 (Gambit and Trialpay) you can find other special offers, but you can also find Tasks on these walls. Tasks are a bit time consuming and some of them are hard, but if you find yourself good at some of them, you can do them while watching TV and earn some good Swagbucks this way. Make sure you read the directions thoroughly before beginning a task. For Wall 1, simply click on Tasks, For Wall 3, click on "free" then click on "Crowdflower" Wall 1 tasks are 10 pages long and Wall 3 tasks are 20 pages long.

And if you haven't signed up for Swagbucks yet, you can do so by clicking here

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