Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Easiest Ever Swagbucks-Get them every day!

There are three very simple ways to get at least 3 Swagbucks every day. If you do nothing but these you will have 90 Swagbucks every month. Doing all three of these things takes me about a minute and half total. Super easy, super fast, and super guaranteed every day!

#1-This one takes the longest. It is commonly called the NOSO (No Obligation Special Offer). First, search for the Swagbucks home page in your Swagbucks toolbar if you aren't already there. Hey, maybe you will get lucky and get some extra Swagbucks for searching. Anyway, once you are on the Swagbucks home page, on the left hand side you will see a list of links. Click on the one that says "special offers" under "ways to earn". On the next page, look to the top right, You will see this "View Our No Obligation Offers And WIN Swag Bucks" and a RED button that says "Go Now." Click that red button and you will find yourself staring at a Special Offer. There is no need to sign up for any of the offers, just skip through each one, there is normally about 4-6, and at the end you will rewarded with a Swagbuck. If you think that is easy, check out the next way to earn!

#2-For this one, you need to get back to the Swagbucks home page. Under the same links you will see under "ways to earn" the "Daily Polls" link, Simply click that link, vote in the daily poll and TA-DA! Another easy Swagbuck will be rewarded!

#3-This one is sometimes automatic, but does require that you have the toolbar installed. If you shut your computer completely down each day, and you have the toolbar installed, you should automatically receive this Swagbuck when you boot up and open your browser. If you do not, once your browser is open, look into your Swagbucks toolbar. On the left, between the Swagbucks logo and the search box, is a little arrow which when clicked will give you a drop-down menu. On this menu, simply click "refresh toolbar" and you will be rewarded with your third easy Swagbuck of the day.

And if you haven't signed up for Swagbucks yet, you can do so by clicking here

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