Thursday, May 27, 2010

Codes! Codes! Where's the Code?

Another way to get free Swagbucks. Codes. Almost every day, the good people of Swagbucks will throw a code out there to the Swagger nation and sometimes there will be two codes. I've even seen three codes in one day a time or two. There are several places to find this code. The best place to start is on what is called a Swidget. You can find my Swidget conveniently located on the bottom of this page. You can use my Swidget, or you can add your own to your own blogsite, or your facebook page or almost any social networking page. The Swidget does a few things, including saying how many Swagbucks you have currently and letting you know if there is an active code. You can also search using it and read the latest Swagbucks blog entries.

Swagbucks codes have been found in many different places. You could find them in any of these places:

1. Right on the Swidget
2. in the Toolbar in your messages from TSG (TSG stands for The Swag Guy)
3. On the Swagbucks Twitter page
4. On the Swagbucks Facebook fan page
5. On the main page in the screenshow
6. In the blog
7. On partner sites

So, once you have joined, you are going to want to make sure you download that toolbar and Widget (if you have someplace to put it, or just bookmark here and use mine) and join the Swagbucks facebook fan page. You do not have to follow Swagbucks on twitter to get any codes they may post there, but it does help, especially if you are a twitter user, because then it will show up on your twitter feed. Read the blog, maybe even do an RSS feed for it.

How the code is presented to you can be in one of three ways

The first is a DYNAMIC code. This is a code that is posted somewhere. They aren't hard to find, but the code will change every 20-30 seconds so you must be quick about entering this code. Quickly highlight the code and hit ctrl C to copy it, go to the Swagbucks main page and click in the GIMME box located under your stats on the top right. Hit ctrl V to paste the code in the box. Click Gimme and if you were quick enough you will get the bucks, if not, you may need to go back, refresh the page the code was on and try again. It sometimes helps to have two tabs or windows open if the code is a dynamic one so you don't have to keep going to the Swagbucks home page from wherever you are. Just have it open in a separate tab or window.

The second kind of code is a static code. This is one that is freely given by TSG and it does not change. Simply find it and copy/paste it in the GIMME box.

The third kind is a code search. TSG will ask you to find clues to the code. Pay special attention to the directions for these codes. They will give you several pieces of important information such as what order to put the answer in and even capitalization requirements. These are harder, but they are a lot of fun too! And you can use the search engine to find the answer, so you could really win twice, once for searching and once for the code!

All codes expire. Most expire within an hour or two of posting. Code searches are often valid for longer. Pay special attention to the time that the code expires to made sure you enter it in time.

And remember, it is against the TOS to ever share a code. You could be deactivated for it.

And if you haven't signed up for Swagbucks yet, you can do so by clicking here

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